Developh’s new logo

After a much needed hiatus while moving onto our 6th (!) year of existence, we’re back with a new logo and description — co-created with you.

Developh is a critical technology institute based in the Philippines. Founded in Metro Manila in 2016 to educate young Filipino technologists, our little nonprofit has collectively grown alongside us and the greater industry. Now more than ever, we must reclaim technology as a tool for liberation rather than oppression. We work to acknowledge and reinvent systems of harm that dominate our platforms and everyday, reimagining what software, the internet, and technology can offer us if designed with intention and care—for people rather than profit.

In our approach to ‘intersectionality’, we work to bring technology out of its silo. Focusing solely on the commercial and capital has led us to a state where our everyday technologies are founded upon the tangible exploitation of workers across the global south. Ill-thought startup culture works vacuously, steering away a tool that we could use to rebuild and restore our communities and systems to one that continues to benefit from broken structures. Instead of parroting the works of Silicon Valley, we look at indigenous practices, a rich history of arts & collective organizing, cultural work, and beyond that inform our thinking about technology as a space for healing, art, restoration, and guidance rather than the end means.

The deeper we explore technology, the more essential this reframing of it feels. 6 years in, we know this to be more true than ever. We must acknowledge technology’s harms. We must be cautiously optimistic, studying how technology may be rewired for hope. We must reclaim technology.

Logo designed by Alannah Mitra (@mwahahannah)